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  • Stallowned!
    236,537 views. Rating:1.8/5
  • 3d explosion
    3d explosion
    214,091 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Cat scratching
    Cat scratching
    193,962 views. Rating:2/5
  • Water jump fail
    Water jump fail
    221,207 views. Rating:2/5
  • Woman gets attacked by bear on TV
    Woman gets attacked by bear on TV
    210,856 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Sniper kitten
    Sniper kitten
    195,905 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Girls in funny positions
    Girls in funny positions
    234,075 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • People breakdancing
    People breakdancing
    158,529 views. Rating:2/5
  • How to sit down
    How to sit down
    161,444 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • She wants you
    She wants you
    220,282 views. Rating:2/5
  • Kick boxing leg-break
    Kick boxing leg-break
    223,508 views. Rating:2/5
  • Batman funny dance
    Batman funny dance
    201,062 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Stewie Griffin head tilt
    Stewie Griffin head tilt
    306,600 views. Rating:2.4/5
  • Floating dog
    Floating dog
    174,654 views. Rating:1.6/5
  • Batman on drugs
    Batman on drugs
    182,398 views. Rating:2/5
  • People dancing
    People dancing
    160,757 views. Rating:1.7/5
  • Napoleon and Pedro riding the bike
    Napoleon and Pedro riding the bike
    174,363 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Jay and Silent Bob dance
    Jay and Silent Bob dance
    224,304 views. Rating:2.4/5
  • Kool-Aid
    173,103 views. Rating:1.8/5
  • Bear behind the rock
    Bear behind the rock
    154,646 views. Rating:1.7/5
  • Low rider Hitler
    Low rider Hitler
    157,344 views. Rating:1.7/5
  • Nine Sessions
    Nine Sessions
    153,281 views. Rating:1.8/5
  • Star Wars spanking
    Star Wars spanking
    174,941 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Conan raving
    Conan raving
    174,376 views. Rating:1.8/5
  • Face dancing
    Face dancing
    149,502 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Ingenious light bulb
    Ingenious light bulb
    155,645 views. Rating:1.8/5
  • R2D2 playing the guitar
    R2D2 playing the guitar
    173,773 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • No no no
    No no no
    235,443 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Kid gets owned by dancer
    Kid gets owned by dancer
    168,421 views. Rating:1.7/5
  • Yay Internet!
    Yay Internet!
    179,656 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Flaming shot fail
    Flaming shot fail
    205,783 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Mr. T dance
    Mr. T dance
    169,489 views. Rating:1.7/5
  • The dark side of the toast
    The dark side of the toast
    198,232 views. Rating:2/5
  • Star Trek blue screen of death
    Star Trek blue screen of death
    188,239 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Shooting th AK
    Shooting th AK
    161,902 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Sniffing a cat
    Sniffing a cat
    161,544 views. Rating:2.1/5