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  • James Franco - So good...
    James Franco - So good...
    228,162 views. Rating:2/5
  • Tyra Banks making faces
    Tyra Banks making faces
    202,654 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Britney Spears's face
    Britney Spears's face
    203,802 views. Rating:2/5
  • Mole!
    177,787 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Dancing fish
    Dancing fish
    182,073 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Tits, no tits
    Tits, no tits
    239,189 views. Rating:2/5
  • Water jump fail
    Water jump fail
    224,275 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Soccer player fail
    Soccer player fail
    275,387 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Wrestler dance
    Wrestler dance
    187,794 views. Rating:1.8/5
  • I has a watermelon
    I has a watermelon
    185,059 views. Rating:2.3/5
  • I'm Spider Man
    I'm Spider Man
    163,401 views. Rating:1.7/5
  • Cat playing GTA
    Cat playing GTA
    195,642 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Baseball kick in the face
    Baseball kick in the face
    222,665 views. Rating:2/5
  • Flower power
    Flower power
    173,501 views. Rating:1.8/5
  • Press F5 repeatedly
    Press F5 repeatedly
    430,500 views. Rating:2/5
  • Putin jerkin'
    Putin jerkin'
    168,611 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Little Godzilla bites off sword
    Little Godzilla bites off sword
    176,226 views. Rating:2/5
  • What What? In the Butt
    What What? In the Butt
    221,418 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Freaky doll
    Freaky doll
    170,122 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Homer Simpson bowling tricks
    Homer Simpson bowling tricks
    280,967 views. Rating:2.3/5
  • Teddy bear loop
    Teddy bear loop
    180,048 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Japanese kid dancing
    Japanese kid dancing
    292,780 views. Rating:2.3/5
  • Mr. Big Mouth
    Mr. Big Mouth
    182,194 views. Rating:2/5
  • Smiling dog
    Smiling dog
    209,596 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Pole jump fail
    Pole jump fail
    197,221 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Kid gets kicked by break dancer
    Kid gets kicked by break dancer
    282,535 views. Rating:2.3/5
  • Jack Black
    Jack Black
    197,510 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Hitler - My dog's got no nose
    Hitler - My dog's got no nose
    193,457 views. Rating:1.9/5
  • Soccer player owned
    Soccer player owned
    242,087 views. Rating:2.3/5
  • Stanley and Oliver dance
    Stanley and Oliver dance
    206,302 views. Rating:2.1/5
  • Cute girl
    Cute girl
    640,102 views. Rating:2.6/5
  • The Christopher Walken dance
    The Christopher Walken dance
    207,751 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Huge dog vs. tiny dog
    Huge dog vs. tiny dog
    232,086 views. Rating:2.2/5
  • Hockey pwnage
    Hockey pwnage
    340,270 views. Rating:2.3/5
  • Dr. Cox STFU
    Dr. Cox STFU
    432,962 views. Rating:2.5/5
  • Dancing cat
    Dancing cat
    639,269 views. Rating:2.6/5